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Matisse made a Beautiful charcoal drawing with stumping of this model. I have include it as Matisse was known as a great colourist and I wanted to try and combine drawing and the colour together. Though it is from a period of my work before the current project began, I thought it would be of interest to the viewer. This period of Matisse's work, was called that of The Nice interiors, in the South of France where he had his studio. I have tried to catch the languorous pose he used in his compositions of that period. Trying to catch the light and decorative quality of the original with the extensive use of white wax crayon to repel the watercolour . They use of black waterproof ink in the early stages of the composition also repels the watercolour and does not bleed or run.

The Spanish Shawl. after Matisse. Gleason.
The Spanish Shawl. after Matisse. Gleason.
Dip Pen, Black Ink, Watercolour on watercolour paper.
56.0cm x 75.5cm.