Gerry Gleason Artist  Belfast

In a career spanning 46 years a substantial period of my art practice has been played out against the back-drop of the N. Ireland Troubles. The feelings I had at the time, you either dealt with it or not, a personal choice. My approach was oblique, to try to understand human nature and the human condition and society under extreme stress, loss of human life and in the end, the road to conflict resolution and power-sharing. I feel we were a microcosm of much larger events which I see in the wider world to the present, and perhaps the works could be of artistic value to others in similar situations. My work has absorbed many influences over the years. Artists whom I admire include Goya, van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Pollock, de Kooning, Krasner, Rothko, Guston and Bacon. Over recent years my work has engaged with ecology and the climatic changes affecting our planet, in addition to this body of work I have tried to come to grips with the global economic meltdown and the far reaching effects on us all. I feel my work is at its most complete when a balance is struck between image and concept. I see this web site as a journey through a life, I hope you share and enjoy the journey with me. I would like to dedicate this web site to my wife Vivien who has shared this journey with me.Gerry Gleason 2023.

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