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Olga Picasso was Picasso's first wife. They had a young son called Paulo. Both featured a lot in Picasso's Neo Classical Period. In the works of this period Picasso followed the almost classical subject of Mother & Child. This seemed a happy period in their marriage. The figures in his paintings & Drawings seemed to increase in scale and weight, with large hands and thighs to give a monumental scale, often with the backdrop of the Sea and and dressed like ancient Greek Statues. Sometimes the heads would decrease in scale and other parts of the anatomy would increase. In this interpretation I have increased the head but reduced the body scale and changed the composition in places. Sadly the marriage later on deteriorated with Picasso wanting to go his Bohemian way and Olga preferring her Society Circle of friends.

Olga & Paulo by the Sea. after Picasso. Gleason .2023.
Olga & Paulo by the Sea. after Picasso. Gleason .2023.
Dip Pen, Black Ink, White Wax Crayon on Watercolour on watercolour paper.
56.0cm x 75.5cm.