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Olga Khokhlova Picasso, was Picasso's first wife. Olga was a talented Ballerina with the Impresario Sergei Diaghilev Ballet Russes dance company. Picasso was intoduced to Diaghilev by Cocteau. Picasso then became involved in set design for the avantgarde Ballet Parade and other productions till approximately the mid 1920s. During this time he met and later married Olga in 1918. From this time Picasso's work enters a Neo Classical period. The drawings of that period at times use a stripped back effect using pure line. With drawings of among others the composers Erik Satie and Igor Stravinsky. These brilliant line drawings appear to catch the essence of the individuals portrayed. I have made this modest drawing of Olga in this rapid style using a blue coloured pencil instead of lead pencil. With the minimum of shading to catch that happier image of Olga in the early period of their marriage.

Olga the Ballerina. after Picasso. Gleason.
Olga the Ballerina. after Picasso. Gleason.
Blue Coloured Pencil on Cartridge paper.
70cm x 50cm.