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Fernande Olivier first met Picasso at the Bateau-Lavoir Paris in 1904. Fernande became his 1st real partner as his relationships had been casual up to that time. Her arrival brought to a close his blue period and began his Rose Period. The relationship lasted well into the Cubist period. Fernande's Diary published many years later gives a fascinating insight into that period. This work I have made is based on a very small etching by Picasso. The etching was originally attributed to a model called Madeleine but the late John Richardson Picasso's Biographer, has argued that it is Fernande as she was then Picasso partner from 1904. I find it interesting that if you use an etching as source, it is worth reversing the image as you will see it as the Artist drew the image. When an etching is printed it reverses the image. In the past artists used mirrors to achieve a reversal of the printed image.

Fernande meets Pablo. after Picasso. Gleason.
Fernande meets Pablo. after Picasso. Gleason.
Dip Pen, Brown Ink, on Cartridge paper.
A2 Size.