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Francoise Gilot was Picasso's 5th partner. Francoise was a fine artist in her own right and a strong individual and French intellectual. Francoise left Picasso in 1953 taking her young children with her, the first woman to leave Picasso and forge a new life and career on her own, cutting nearly all ties to him. This image I have re-interpreted was loosely based on a series of lithographs in black and white by Picasso of Francoise in the Polish Coat. Picasso had brought Francoise a gift of an embroidered Polish Coat from his visit to The Peace Conference in Warsaw in 1948 after WW11. The original coat has been greatly re-imagined by Picasso throughout the series. I have tried to catch the mood of the originals in my drawing, but have added doves on the sleeves of the coat - Picasso's graphic emblem for peace.
Dedicated to Francoise Gilot who passed away in 2023.

Dove Coat for Francoise. after Picasso. Gleason
Dove Coat for Francoise. after Picasso. Gleason
Dip Pen, Black Ink, Wax Crayon on Watercolour on watercolour paper.
75.5cm x 56.ocm