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Fernande Oliver was Picasso's first love & partner at The Bateau-Lavoir studios in Paris. Fernande's relationship with Picasso heralded the beginning of the Rose Period and the end of the Blue period. The drawing I have made after Picasso's drawing of 1905 (which was in crayon & charcoal) is made in the colour sanguine a warmer flesh like colour. Picasso took his inspiration from a work of Gauguin. So the image is going through stages of transformation. I have tried to catch the rhythm of combing the hair and the hair it's self Picasso is allegedly to have said Great Artists Steal & Bad Artists Copy.

Fernande's Coiffure. After Picasso. Gleason.
Fernande's Coiffure. After Picasso. Gleason.
Sanguine Pitt oil Pencil on cartridge paper. Gleason
66.5 x 50cm.