Art Works > Global Warming Series. Gerry Gleason. 2021-22. Supported by The Arts Council of N. Ireland (Creative Individuals Recovery Programme Grant).

'Rising Temperatures - Rising Sea Levels'. Gleason. 2021-22. (Grant Supported by ACNI) . These images deal with a rise of 4 degrees in Global Temperatures in the future. Large areas around equator would be un-habitable devoid of people and animals (LHS Panel). The projected rise in sea levels due to Global Warming with the resulting loss of Artic Ice (North and South Poles) raising sea levels causing many low lying areas to be flooded and Islands disappearing. The Glaciers around the Planet which feed many populations with fresh water would disappear (RHS Panel). These estimates are from a sampling of various scientific web sites on the subject

Global Warming.
Rising Temperatures - Rising Sea Levels (Triptych).
Acrylic and Oil Stick.
150cm x 200cm