Art Works > Selected Works.1993-4. Including-The Ulster Saga. Gerry Gleason.

Ulster Saga Series
Raining Dollars. (N.Y.C.). 1993.
Gerry Gleason.
acrylic on canvas

Raining Dollars deals with my first visit to N.Y.C. I remember returning by ferry from a visit to the Statue of Liberty including Ellis Island and it was a cold Nov night, the city looked amazing, like a great jewelled ship
against the night sky. My father had been Irish American and I had always wanted to visit the city. Thoughts
flashed through my mind that soon we might have peace at home, the waves of immigrants who built these great buildings and bridges. I was looking towards the financial section of the city at the time with the twin towers reaching skywards.
Some of the rumours in Belfast were that it would rain dollars if a peace agreement could be reached in the future. I also thought about those who had made it to America and those who had not, the sea journey was perilous in those days in poor ships . Little did I know in 1993 that the skyline would be devastatingly altered
by 9/11.