Art Works > A personal tribute to: 'Lines of Thought'. A touring Exhibition from the British Museum Generously supported by the Bridget Riley Art Foundation. (NB: The work displayed is a personal response and is not connected to the official Exhibition or Foundation)

Over a career of four decades I have always made it a point when visiting London to check out the exhibitions at the Prints and Drawing Gallery at the British Museum. They are inspiring to me as I have lifelong love of drawing. So, it was a pleasant surprise to me to have ‘Lines of Thought’ a touring exhibition from British Museum visit the Ulster Museum Belfast, my native city. The curator Isabel Seliman’s brilliant selection of work from the early renaissance to the modern. The concept of interspacing works from across a wide period of history made one make imaginative leaps across time. The catalogue I would highly recommend as it explains lucidly the reasons for the choice of work. I found the descriptions of the approach to drawing from Brainstorming to Development and decisions an important learning curve. My own approach to this exhibition has been to make interpretive works bringing together elements from several works in one or a set of variations on an individual work. I have tried to include materials from chalks, charcoal, inks, graphite and watercolour that may have been used over that long period in history. The sense of touch – tactile sensations come into play when drawing -a thinking feeling medium.Thanks to the Ulster Museum for hosting a great exhibition. I would like to salute Bridget Riley’s lifelong belief in the importance of drawing.

'First Steps'.
after Rembrandt.
mixed media. on paper.
50 x 70cm.
'Visiting Nice'.
after Henri Matisse.
Gleason. 2017.
mixed media. on paper.
70 X 50Ccm
'Trees and Us.
After Henry Moore.
Gleason. 2017.
mixed media. on paper.
65 x 50cm.