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This work was inspired by the Ice Age Cave Paintings in France & Spain, which I have long admired for the drawing skills used on the cave walls. I have tried to select modern equivalent colours, close to those used by the Cave Painters. The scene depicts the wild horses breaking free from the cave walls and I imagined stampeding to the outside world. I have always felt that the cave painting imagery displays great movement, line and the use of the rock formation to imply mass. Picasso allegedly said when he saw images from the caves, that we had learned nothing new and I think he meant they were masterpieces. His work I think at certain period was influenced by his memory of the Ice Age paintings.
(Media: Dip Pen, Ink, watercolour & smudging).

Stampede from the Cave. Gleason. (after Ice Age).
Stampede from the Cave. Gleason. (after Ice Age).
Dip Pen, Ink, Watercolour on watercolour paper.
56.0cm x 75.5cm.