Art Works > The Virus Chronicle. Covid-19. Gleason. 2020-2021. (Supported by ACNI and the Artist's Siap Emergency Grant). See Links: For Belfast write up on work of Gerry Gleason by Bronagh Lawson.

Virus. Covid-19. Lockdown. Art.
Blues Session ID.(after Rembrandt).Gleason. 2020.
mixed media on paper.
A2 size.

During Lockdown I missed live music, as all the venues were closed.In Belfast we are lucky to have a lot of live music and great bands and very talented musicians. I like anything from Blues to Rock to Traditional music. I feel for many of the musicians I know, who cannot play to audiences and the finanical difficulties they must be in, along with others in the Art Sector. As I am in an older age group, I picture being asked for ID, at venue that is for below 65 only in an Orwellian future.