Art Works > The Virus Chronicle. Covid-19. Gleason. 2020-2021. (Supported by ACNI and the Artist's Siap Emergency Grant). See Links: For Belfast write up on work of Gerry Gleason by Bronagh Lawson.

Virus. Covit-19. Lockdown. Art.
Night Diner.Gleason. 2020.
mixed media on paper.
75.5 x 56.0cm.

Night Diner. I wanted to make an image, about individuals who hint at the use of force to get their own way, when most people respect the danger to others from not wearing masks or social distancing. The abuse staff have to take, sometimes in stores, supermarkets and public buildings for trying to do their job of protecting customers and themselves from the dangers of covid-19, by people who seem to think only of themselves.