Art Works > The Virus Chronicle. Covid-19. Gleason. 2020-2021. (Supported by ACNI and the Artist's Siap Emergency Grant). See Links: For Belfast write up on work of Gerry Gleason by Bronagh Lawson.

Virus. Covid-19. Lockdown. Art.
Rolling News Angst.Gleason. 2020.
mixed media on paper.
75.5 x 56.0cm.

The constant need for 24hr news to feed us information can be a bit wearing at times. Though for me personally it is highly important to get accurate and well checked sourced news outlets, rather than hearsay, rummors or basically lies on dodgy outlets. I take a break and surf in and out as I do not want to become desenitized or depressed. So taking a break at times, lets me see the better overall picture.