Art Works > The Virus Chronicle. Covid-19. Gleason. 2020-2021. (Supported by ACNI and the Artist's Siap Emergency Grant). See Links: For Belfast write up on work of Gerry Gleason by Bronagh Lawson.

Virus. Covid-19. Lockdown. Art.
Fatigue Covid-19 Ward. (after Rubens). Gleason. 2020.
mixed media on psaper

Fatigue Covid-19 Ward. Gleason. 2020. (after Rubens). Disturbing to hear at that time some of our Front Line Workers were working with out of date and at times defective PPE. This image shows an exhausted front line Doctor after a long shift on a Covid-19 ward. Shows what True Grit really is.

Collection of:
The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.