Art Works > 100th Anniversary of WW1. 1914-18. Mixed media works by Gerry Gleason.

100th Anniversay WW1 1914-18.
War-Krieg Trees.
by Gerry Gleason.
mixed media on paper.
75.5 x 56.0cm

WW1. 1914-1918.

In the period of four years this devastating war lasted, listed below are approximate figures of what it cost in human lives, both combatants, civilians and animals.

Dead 8.5 million.
Wounded 21 million.
Missing-prisoners of war 8 million.
Civilians 13 million.
Horses 8 million.
Dogs 1 million.
Perhaps we will never know the true extent of the loss of life, the dreadful injuries inflicted by mechanised war, the poverty suffered by bereaved families. We should never forget the above figures when those amongst us brush aside genuine dialogue in a rush to war. The works I have made are dedicated to the memory of all those who were caught up in that great conflagration on this one hundred anniversary of WW1.