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Conflict, Climate Change and the Financial Crisis.
21st Century Frieze.2000-15.
Gerry Gleason.

The Frieze consists of two large Triptychs 1 and 2 with additional individual works that link the Triptychs. I have long admired the idea of a sort of visual Frieze not unlike the Parthenon Frieze – a linking of Ideas that take the mind on a journey. Though like Francis Bacon I have no great interest in narrative painting if there is a narrative, it is a fractured one. The works have taken fifteen years to complete and have never been seen in public before. The Frieze deals with the debate on global warming, the economic crash that has affected this planet and regional conflicts throughout the world. I feel that these problems are quite often interconnected like cause and effect. Though the works deal with serious concepts, I hope through the use of vivid colour, expressive brush work and complex compositions, to draw people into a visual dialogue about the concerns facing us at present and in the future. This cycle of work tries to deal with the human condition from brutality, conflict, greed and it's opposites of empathy, ecology and dialogue. If it has any value I dedicate it to those with no voice.