Art Works > 21st Century Frieze. 2000-2015. by Gerry Gleason.

Conflict, Climate Change and the Financial Crisis.
‘Night Transit’. Triptych 2 . 2014
Gerry Gleason..
oil on canvas.
185 x 175cm.

‘Night Transit’. Triptych 2. 2014.
The central image of the Trilogy contains echoes of the worst of the 20th century. The nightmare of transports to unknown destinations, Concentration camps, Gulags, the machinery of fear, disorientation, displacement, brutality and disappearance. The scenario of hawks and doves, the family’s meagre possessions, a home and a life ripped from them. The shrill yellow light and bulb above remembers Picasso’s Guernica. Once again in this century we are seeing mass movement of displaced people fleeing from conflicts.