Art Works > 21st Century Frieze. 2000-2015. by Gerry Gleason.

Conflict, Climate Change and the Financial Crisis.
‘Dream of Prometheus’. Triptych 1. 2009.
Gerry Gleason.
acrylic on canvas.
180 x 172cm.

‘Dream of Prometheus’. Triptych 1 2009.
There is 1% of fresh water on this planet, with 95% salt water and 2% ice (approx. figures). The amount of fresh water available to humanity will be reduced by the effects of global warming. The other major concern I feel will be increased tensions and conflict over access to ever declining fresh water resources in the Middle East and beyond. The reference to Prometheus from Greek myth is simply that he empowered the human species with ability to have power over our environment perhaps we should use that gift wisely.