Art Works > 21st Century Frieze. 2000-2015. by Gerry Gleason.

Conflict, Climate Change and the Financial Crisis.
‘Painting 1946-11’ 2011.
Gerry Gleason.
. oil on canvas.
186 x 156cm.

‘Painting 1946-11’. 186 x 156cm. oil on canvas. 2011.
I remember seeing 'Painting 1946' for the first in MOMA in N.Y.C in 1993 and it left a lasting impression on me. For me it is probably one of Bacon's greatest early paintings. Sometimes it takes a period after a great artist like Picasso or Bacon dies before one can dialogue with their work. I felt, though I greatly admired Bacon's work, he had a bleak view of humanity, but we do see instances in human history where people do make real personal sacrifices for others. So in a small way my picture is a dialogue with his great image with the addition of the ever present photographer recording the scene. The picture also refers to my own date of birth 1946.