Triptych: Arles to Auvers plus additional portraits In memory of Vincent van Gogh. by Gerry Gleason 2015. > Vincent Van Gogh Tribute by Gerry Gleason 2015.

125th Anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh.
Young Vincent
Gerry Gleason 2015.
oil on canvas

This year is the 125th anniversary of Vincent van Gogh's passing on 29th July
1890 in Auvers-sur-Oise. This image is based on the idea of the young artist
feeling his way in the maze of the art world. He is holding a cactus plant, perhaps to some he is a prickly character, for me he is passionate about life and his work.
The series I am working on is also a look at my own long journey of creativity
with its highs and lows, but the will to see it through.
The image is filtered through Van Gogh, Picasso and Bacon.