Art Works > Interpretive works in Memory of Henry Moores Shelter Drawings.

Interpretive drawings in memory of Henry Moores Shelter Drawings
Shelter Huddled Together.
in memory of Henry Moore's
Shelter Drawings.
Gleason. 2015.
mixed media on paper
75.5 x 56.0cm.

Henry Moore Shelter Drawing.
This year is the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2. In the early part of my career I was privileged to see a large exhibition of the Shelter Drawings in 1980's in London. The images left a strong impression on me as a younger artist. I have long admired Moore's Sculpture and Drawings and the humanity in the work. In the last few months I have started a dialogue with the Shelter Drawings particularly the smaller studies, no doubt these studies put down with great energy after observing events unfolding around him. I have tried to draw on a pool of these studies to make my own interpretive works with respect to the original source. Sculpture and painting find common ground through the act of drawing.Perhaps in contemporary time the Shelter Drawings still have a great resonance.