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Peace Conflict Peace Trilogy.
'A Child's Dream'. (RHS Panel).
Gerry Gleason 2014.
Dedicated to my-
Grandson Henry.
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas.
188 x 175.3 cm.

In the third and final image in the Trilogy I have drawn on simple things that a child might use to build in his imagination, a simple flying machine to escape his nightmare. The blades of the craft, sycamore seeds I picked up for my granddaughter on the way home from the studio. Memories of Tarkovsky’s film “Andrei Rublev” (the bell casting scene) spring from the mind and become the bell to support the rotors of the machine. The olive branch the boy grasps and the dove both symbols of peace. Below the boy a turbulent abstracted seascape contains a phantom skull, a series of accidents by the brush as it swept the paint across the canvas. The boy flies precariously above it all but he progresses in his mind’s eye perhaps, he must be given some hope and empathy in these dangerous, difficult times.