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Peace Conflict Peace Trilogy.
'A Child's Vigil' . (LHS Panel).
Gerry Gleason 2014.
Dedicated to my-
Great-Nephew Ewan.
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas.
185 x 175.3 cm.

This painting, the first in the Trilogy, juxtaposes two conflicting stances. The figure on the left changed roles during the making of the image. At first I thought it could stand for a warning signal of the onset of conflict but soon realised it had taken a different path. It appears as if the figure on the left is being drawn magnetically to conflict as the young often are. The figure on the left is adorned in selective symbolic elements, the hair almost flame like hinting at a future conflagration. The child on the right heads in the opposite direction, as if to keep the flame of hope and peace alive. The child’s hair is almost laurel leaf in appearance. Above the dove, under threat itself, tries in vain to warn the figure on the left but is ignored. Both figures like Goya’s, are sinking into the fog of war at their feet.