Art Works > Chair-Lift by Gerry Gleason. 25th Anniversary of Berlin Wall coming down.

25th Anniversary of Berlin Wall coming down.
Chair-Lift Berlin to Belfast.
Gerry Gleason Jan 1989.
Schloss Friedenstein Gotha Germany.
Oil on canvas.

'' Chair- Lift ''. (Berlin to Belfast 1989). In Jan 1989 I visited Berlin this painting now in the collection of Schloss Friedenstein is the result of that visit. The work is made up of framents of observations that I had made at that time. The Ghost stations I passed through, the Wall and a historic trip by block and tackle by a young boy over that same wall. I simply linked our two cities through walls, tension and hope. The work is dedicated to Beate Lemcke who helped place the work and Jurgen Schneider who helped get it to Berlin.