Art Works > Selected Works.1987-9 Dedicated to the critic and writer Roy Wallis. Gerry Gleason.

N.Ireland Troubles-Conflict.
Looney Tunes-Merrie Melodies.
Gerry Gleason.
Oil on canvas.

I remember as a child watching the cartoons at the local cinema, they seemed to break up into different categories, in particular ones that stuck in the mind were Loonie Tunes and Merrie Melodies they seemed to suggest the title of this work. At this time I admired the work of A. R. Penck and Keith Haring who would use the almost simple stick like figure for more complex reasons as a comment on society.
During the troubles and at times today when you hear the the tunes played for patriotic reasons one feels that the music is a melody to one groups' ear, but dissonance to the other
to other and visa versa.