Art Works > Selected Works.1987-9 Dedicated to the critic and writer Roy Wallis. Gerry Gleason.

N.Ireland Troubles-Conflict
Dance Head
Gerry Gleason.
Oil on canvas

Quite often during a learning process as an Artist you absorb many influences and attempt to make them your own. I remember seeing many images from the Weimar Republic period of art history, particularly George Grosz images of Berlin. One image that stuck with me was his ''Pillars of Society'' which I was able to see in Berlin in 1989. This picture of mine had many titles during the process of making it ''Solid Citizen'', ''Crazy Blue Eyes'' and finally ''Dance Head''.The eyes in the image are like cylinders of a revolver, the interior of the head is walled to keep fixed beliefs safe from disturbing influences. The face takes on the mask of a primitive dancer, under given circumstance restraint could be cast aside, this head feels under Siege.