Art Works > Tribute to Vincent van Gogh series. Gleason.2012.

Tribute to Vincent van Gogh series. Gerry Gleason. 2012.
Girl From The North.after van Gogh.
Gerry Gleason. 2012.
Dedicated to Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.
mixed media on paper.

When I came to name this drawing I remembered that great song by Bob Dylan. During the troubles I was lucky to see Bob play at small venue in Belfast it was a memorable night.
When I am waiting for a painting to dry, I quite often make these quick studies, using different
materials to the original source. I do not like to slavishly copy the original, but try to see through my own feelings, the work in a new light. The use of colour in Vincent's work can be quite breathtaking. His highly
inventive use of primary and complementary colours, he was always willing to take great risks.