Art Works > Selected Installations. Berlin. Attic Dance. Caoc. 1991. Gerry Gleason with Jim McKevitt.

Berlin and Belfast Histories Gerry Gleason. 2012.
Attic Dance Installation Berlin.
Gerry Gleason with Jim McKevitt.
Berlin 1991.
galerie +edition caoc.
mixed materials

This small table was one of the last pieces we put in place, it seemed to sum up friendship between the two cities and artists. I had brought a bottle of Irish Whiskey with me, a brand popular in my native city, Belfast. Beneath the table was a large bottle,the type used by bootlegger,perhaps for the dancing mannequins.To the left of the table was a portrait of our favorite bar- maid and above the table was the inscription" Save The Last Waltz For Me". We also found an old vinyl LP of the same name, complete with the cover in a skip which we displayed in the space. The final act was to have a few German beers and Irish Whiskies and the space was left ready for the public, the objects on the table left as if from another time.
I would like to think that though the installation is long gone, that the dancers are still waltzing at night in that special space.