Art Works > Selected Installations. Berlin. Attic Dance. Caoc. 1991. Gerry Gleason with Jim McKevitt.

Berlin and Belfast Histories. Gleason. 2012.
Attic Dance Installation.
Berlin 1991.
Gerry Gleason with Jim McKevitt.
mixed materials

I had brought with me to Berlin these two plaster cast images, I had previously used them in Dublin. We came across an old suit case in East Berlin and the casts fitted it perfectly.
The image seemed to me to have a strange Samuel Beckett like quality, a strange tale to impart. Jim and Viv in the past had kindly volunteered to have casts taken of their faces, having been through that whole experience once was enough for me. The two chestnuts symbolised the
passage of time and my first visit to Berlin before the wall came down. The dates between the heads, the duration of the N.Ireland Troubles The yellow tape was a reminder of bombs and false.
alarms in my native city, a reminder of hazardous times still ahead.