Art Works > Paper Kingdoms. Gerry Gleason. 2012. Selected mixed media works on paper 2009.

Paper Kingdoms,World Economic Meltdown,Sub Prime,Gerry Gleason.2009.
Boom To Bust Bubble.
Gerry Gleason. 2012.
mixed media on paper

I remember hearing about the South Sea Bubble, growing up it seemed an exotic name.
It seemed something from a distant past 1720. A lot of the investors involved were ruined.
This image is partly based on that boom to bust event, the skeletal figure on the right is
about to burst the largest bubble, which has a house reflected on its outer surface. The
house represents the housing market. I have read somewhere, that those that do not learn from history are liable to repeat it. You would have thought that after the above event and the Wall St Crash, that humanity would have learned something. This modest body of works, 39
in total, has had a go at putting the current events down. My dream would be for it to
hang together in a finical institution, or government building, as a small reminder of the human cost in a kingdom of paper. Though on that aspiration I won't hold my breath.