Art Works > Paper Kingdoms. Gerry Gleason. 2012. Selected mixed media works on paper 2009.

Paper Kingdoms, World Economic Meltdown, Sub Prime, Gerry Gleason.2009.
Gerry Gleason. 2009.
mixed media on paper

Helen of Troy holds a mirror to her face, the reflection seems to say was it all worth it.
The great banking crash of the 1930's, the subsequent great depression, which left its mark on a whole generation. The then government of F.D.Roosevelt, realizing the root causes of the collapse, introduced regulations that separated commercial banks from investment institutions. This appeared to stabilize the whole situation, sadly over the years this tough set of regulations, that had served the people well, was slowly eroded and eroded still more, other countries followed suit. I am no financial expert, but with the erosion of these significant safeguards, this in part contributed to our present economic woes My own . personal hope is that people of courage will emerge, to reintroduce tough worldwide banking regulations similar to that of 1933. I have no problem with people who use their own money, for high risk investments, with the chance of high returns, a gamble, that's their choice. But they should not expect the rest of us to bail out their failed bets, they knew the risks involved. A future generation left to pick up their tab .