Art Works > Paper Kingdoms. Gerry Gleason. 2012. Selected mixed media works on paper 2009.

Paper Kingdoms, World Economic Meltdown, Sub Prime, Gerry Gleason.2009.
Sawing Up The House.(after Picasso).
Gerry Gleason. 2009.
mixed media on paper

This is another interpretive drawing, as I say neither Picasso or Shakespeare always reinvented the wheel. At times they drew on source material, particularly from the classical period. Ben Jonson said of Shakespeare, that he reshaped his source material, on the anvil of his imagination. This mixed media work draws on Picasso's fusion of Cubism and Surrealism.
I wanted to show the cost to human relationships, when the home was reprocessed, after the sub prime crash. I am sure that a lot of families felt their lives had been sawn in two.