Art Works > Paper Kingdoms. Gerry Gleason. 2012. Selected mixed media works on paper 2009.

Paper Kingdoms, World Economic Meltdown, Sub Prime, Gerry Gleason.2009.
Enough is Enough.
Gerry Gleason. 2009.
mixed media on paper

As young person before I became an artist I worked in industry, the attitude was if you did not get results, you certainly did not get rewards. We appear to live in a strange time, when people
appear to get rewarded for not shaping up. Allegedly in some cases, having dictated clauses in their own contracts, they are guaranteed rewards whatever the results. Sadly we are being told that we cannot survive without their financial wisdom, even if they have shown at times not to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. For most people it is galling to see them come back, after the massive bail outs, for more rewards. In this image the guardian of justice has balanced the scales and said" enough".