Art Works > Paper Kingdoms. Gerry Gleason. 2012. Selected mixed media works on paper 2009.

Paper Kingdoms, World Economic Meltdown, Sub Prime, Gerry Gleason.2009.
Slack Days. (after van Gogh).
Gerry Gleason 2009.
mixed media on paper

Sometimes I will reinterpret an image from art history in this case, The L'Arlesienne after van Gogh. Madame Ginoux was the proprietress of the Cafe de la Gare in Arles. I have shown her sitting at a loose end, no costumers in sight, the recession has cut deep, post the bank's bale out. I have seen in my own City,many good,small businesses close down,unable to survive despite their best efforts. The name of the game Austerity, a closing of the gate after the horse has bolted. The artist Vincent van Gogh cared for those less fortunate than himself,in an
unsentimental way, it was one of his great strengths.