Art Works > Selected Works.1994-2001. Gerry Gleason.

N.Ireland Troubles-Ceasefires-Omagh.
Interface For Omagh. 1998.
Gerry Gleason.
acrylic on canvas.

The Omagh bomb was perhaps one of the worst atrocities of the N.Ireland Troubles. The ceasefires had occurred the society was moving towards power sharing and people were a bit more optimistic. Then this dreadful act happens. Whatever the excuses about warnings etc. it was inexcusable. When the dust settled 28 people were dead plus two babies in the womb and another person died shortly after from severe injuries, add to that the injuries suffered by those who survived plus the grief of the relatives it was a sad, sad day. The picture contains these figures and the time and date of the atrocity. A person sits at a computer planning the event, dates, times, logistics, mobile phones etc. He is remote from it all, almost in virtual space the foot soldiers will do the rest and carry it out in real space, in real time. I hope that a dreadful act like this does not happen again in my life time.