Art Works > Selected Installations. Berlin. Attic Dance. Caoc. 1991. Gerry Gleason with Jim McKevitt.

Berlin and Belfast Histories. Gerry Gleason. 2012.
Attic Dance Installation.
Berlin 1991.
Continued. The Irish Poets Wall
Gerry Gleason with Jim McKevitt.
Mixed Materials.

The concept of the installation was to bring together two cities divided by walls, the Berlin Wall had fallen in 1989,but the walls in Belfast remained. We placed four cheap calculators in the space N.S.E.W. axis of the compass.The calculators had in their memories the date
the Berlin Wall had been built and the date of its fall plus the Northern Irish Troubles from 1969 to 1991. As a tribute to Joseph Beuys we put Oak leaves under the feet of the mannequins and in the side bays of the attic space. Beuys knew that in the ancient past, the Oak Tree had been a communal meeting place, in the best sense, he felt he wanted to rescue it from its tarnished recent history. Distinguished Irish Poets visited the installation and left poems, as personal responses to what they had seen. Their dedications are on the wall in the image.