Art Works > Selected Installations. Potato Field Krakow. 1989. Gerry Gleason. Visual Tension Edinburgh. 1991. Gerry Gleason.

N. Ireland Troubles. Gerry Gleason. 2012.
Visual Tension Installation. Gerry Gleason.Edinburgh 1991,Photo by David Petherick.
Mixed Materials.

This installation involved my first use of mannequins, I was always was intrigued by them when particularly at night I would come across them in shop windows,they appear eerily life- like. The two figures appear to be sitting in a fighting pit like rutting stags, with wood chippings at their feet. Before leaving Belfast I had asked two young artists of different religions if I could take photos of their facial features close up, they both agreed. The idea
behind this was simply to tackle the sectarian idea that say, for example, one could tell
another person's religion by how close their eyes were together etc.. The two continuous slide films were placed round the necks of the figures in the installation and connected at the centre by safety pins. Not one person who visited the exhibition could tell the religion of either of the two faces on the slide film from their facial features. The numbers on the tape
supporting the antlers are the number of people killed in the Troubles and years at that moment in time.