Art Works > Selected Installations. Potato Field Krakow. 1989. Gerry Gleason. Visual Tension Edinburgh. 1991. Gerry Gleason.

History, Irish, Europe. Gerry Gleason. 2012.
Potato Field Installation by Gerry Gleason.QQ Galeria Krakow Poland.1989.
Mixed Materials.

Whilst in Krakow for a Two Person show with fellow artist David Seaton. I was asked by the QQ Galeria,who had a unique space,if I would like to make an installation.
.I was aware that Polish artists had a long history of high quality work in this genre and I approached the piece with trepidation. My good friend Pawel Chawinski told me to relax and have a go,he knew it was my first installation.
In the sequence of images which follow I will explain the concepts behind the installation.