Art Works > Selected Works. 2011-2012. Gerry Gleason.

Gerry Gleason Studio View.
The artist Gerry Gleason in his Belfast Studio 2011.

I have been in this studio for quite a long time and have grown quite fond of it. It is probably not that
glamorous but it is a place I can do serious work in. Opposite my large windows I can view the City
of Belfast. Before the ceasefires an army observation post perched on a high block of flats dominated
the view from my windows. It has been said that it bristled with listening devices,cameras and binoculars.
One day a friend knocked my door to say that the soldiers had rung up to say that I was using the wrong
colours in my painting, of course it was a fiction but typical of the humour at that time. Most of these security
posts have been removed over the years as part of the peace agreement.