Art Works > Selected Works.1987-9 Dedicated to the critic and writer Roy Wallis. Gerry Gleason.

N.Ireland Troubles. Conflict.
Talent Spotting. 1988.
Gerry Gleason.
Oil on canvas

Perhaps someone who recruits the young for paramilitary activities. One day when I was working on the painting a constant stream of military helicopters were re-supplying an army observation post at the top
of a high block of flats. It seemed this resupply exercise, was like a loud irritated swarm of bees returning
to the hive. The numbers suggest the way each community would remember its losses and retaliate
in kind. At times these numbers appeared on walls, a sense of loss, or at other times a vengeful boost,
Things were spiraling out of control, a situation of tit for tat. It appeared to me that things did not always add up.