Art Works > 21st Century Frieze. 2000-2015. by Gerry Gleason.

Conflict, Climate Change and the Financial Crisis.
The Beach Party’. Triptych 1 .2009.
Gerry Gleason.
oil on canvas
185.42 x 180.34cm

‘The Beach Party’. Triptych 1 2009.
This painting was partly inspired by listening to 'The Beach Boys Holland CD'. A surprisingly early Interest by them in eco systems. The beach guard, an Orwellian figure complete with CCTV carries a temperature gauge and a warning toxic. The youth has caught a fish that is maybe uneatable. The old Woman wears a Venetian plague mask. A young woman sits beside a toy boat, its name is the Titanic. The actions of the human species are all interlinked with the planet we all share. I feel that the financial meltdown will affect all these things with less money around for governments to spend on actions needed to preserve this earth we live on for future generations.